Welcome to the Zehntscheune Daaden – a holiday home in the Westerwald.

The Holiday Home is a over 400 year old half-timbered house, originally a tithe barn for delivery of the "tithe" to the chieftain. Generations of farmers, artisans and miners have inhabited it – now it is lovingly restored as an educational, recreational and leisure home for groups and families.
On an area of approximately 800 square meters on three floors, there are 25 beds in 4 double rooms, 1 three-bed room with double bed, 2 four-bed rooms and 1 six-bed room. Take a look at our gallery, read which opportunities Daaden and the Westerwald offer, or read reviews about the tithe barn in the press.

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The Zehntscheune convinces with the successful combination of historical architecture and modern renovation. 400 years of history are visible and you will not miss any modern comforts.
Particularly suitable is the home for family reunions and retreats, training of any kind, group trips, training camps for sporting groups and international meetings.
The Zehntscheune is amicable connected with the Workers' Educational Association Center. It is an open house for anyone looking to improve their skills here and want to relax.
Undesirable are fascist groups, but welcome all who are concerned about the future of our planet and want to discuss about it..
The homeowner is available during your stay for further inquiries. The house is divided into two halves which are connected directly to each other. These halves can be separated from each other or be combined.